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Testimonials from Parents


My husband and I first came to Meltem when our 5-year old son was having difficulty in school and social situations due to his sensory processing disorder, ADHD and anxiety. As soon as we sat down with Meltem, we knew we found someone that would be able to help us and that our son would be in great hands. Through her warm, calm and skilled manner, our son began to modify his behavior and thrive. She helped him learn to manage his anxiety, express himself and his needs, and learn techniques to calm and control himself. His extreme frustration softened and eventually disappeared, as he became more confident and self-reliant. She also helped us to modify our behavior and create new routines at home that would better assist our son. Now, almost three years later, our son is a completely different child. He is a better listener, more in control of his body, able to express himself without getting frustrated, is self- assured and loves learning. He recently “graduated” from working with Meltem, but with the

assurance that he can always go back and see her whenever he needs some extra assistance or someone to listen to him. We are indebted to Meltem for how she transformed our son and our family. We cannot recommend her more highly.

L.’s mom (11/15/17)

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the UNREAL support and help you've given our family.  I'm so sorry that I didn't see you last time but my husband told me what was discussed and the amazing things you told him. I also want to tell you that when D. got home from his "graduation" I asked him how it was and said "you know I purposely never asked you about your time with Dr. Paker because it's always been your time and none of my business unless you wanted to tell me... but I'd love to know how you feel now that you've graduated."  He said (and I'm not exaggerating) "Mommy, it was an amazing 2 years and I really loved it". I nearly cried. THANK YOU.  D. has always been an amazingly incredible boy - and you helped him know that and all of us embrace everything about him.

D.’s mom (4/23/19)


Dr. Paker worked with my daughter to overcome anxiety and difficulty with emotional regulation. My daughter connected with Dr. Paker easily, and loved going to her visits. For my husband and I, Dr. Paker was easy to communicate with, and worked collaboratively with us to find strategies and solutions that worked for our entire family. She listened to us and responded to our questions and concerns thoroughly. By the end of their time together, my daughter had made enormous gains in her confidence and insight into her own thoughts and feelings. Working with Dr. Paker has made our whole family happier and healthier. We are incredibly proud of the progress our daughter has made and are grateful for the support Dr. Paker provided to both her and us as parents.

C.’s mom (02/14/20)

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