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At Nurture, I provide a variety of counseling and psychological services to children and families in a safe and nurturing environment where everyone is accepted as they are. My developmental, attachment-based, and relational approach is highly informed by affective neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology. Having the utmost respect for individual differences, I believe that each child is unique and precious, with diverse temperaments, sensory and processing differences, modes of learning and expression, interests, as well as challenges.


I meet children where they are at and help them reach their inner potential and find their true selves with their unique talents and capacities. I do this by using the developmental and therapeutic powers of play and nurturing emotional connections that are the foundations of children’s optimal development and growth. I believe that parent involvement and training are crucial for children’s development and emotional well-being, and parent-child relationships are an important focus of our clinical work. To this end, I provide different kinds of support to parents in their journey of raising great kids, who are emotionally regulated, well-integrated, and connected, both to their inner and outer worlds. I promote responsive, peaceful, and empathetic parenting approaches that are neither permissive nor authoritarian and will help you find a healthy balance in between.


I have a wholistic and systems approach in conceptualizing mental health and emotional well-being. Internal connections between body, mind, and spirit and the child’s external connections to the different social systems they belong to are carefully considered and integrated in every aspect of my work. My treatment approach is very flexible and tailored to each child’s and family’s individual needs.

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